Campus services and learning opportunities

There are a wide variety of services and learning opportunities available on campus for both students and supervisors. Of particular relevance to the supervisory relationship are the supervision-focused workshops offered by Teaching and Learning Services. See below for more detail on this and other opportunities.

Teaching and Learning Services, and SKILLSETS

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) offers a wide variety of resources and learning opportunities for both students and supervisors.

SKILLSETS is a McGill initiative aimed at enhancing the experience of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows by helping them develop a wide range of transferable skills. It is hosted collaboratively by TLS and Graduate and Postdoctoral studies.


Career Planning Service (CaPS)


McGill Library, Writing Centre, and Information Technology Services

The McGill Library has reserved spaced for graduate students, and offers the MyResearch workshop series including topics such as citation software, literature search, and publication.

The McGill Writing Centre offers a tutorial service and Graphos, which offers programming catered towards graduate students and postdocs. Graphos offers:

The IT services website has information on software for students and faculty, McGill email, audiovisual (AV) services, printing, and access to technology on campus.


Health, wellbeing, and other support

McGill offers a wide range of student services to promote student health and well-being, and offer a variety of support systems. These services include:

In the event of a conflict between student and supervisor or another concern, the Office of the Ombudsperson is available to students for confidential, unbiased dispute resolution services.

The Office of the Dean of Students provides information on helping students in difficulty.


Unions, associations and student societies

There are many unions, associations and student societies at McGill and in the larger community. Those especially relevant to supervisors and supervisees include:

The Post-graduate Students' Society (PGSS), which provides a variety of services and events for graduate students and postdocs.

See what PGSS says about the health of student-supervisor relationships at McGill.

Association of Postdoctoral Fellows of McGill.

AGSEM (union for teaching assistants and invigilators).

The McGill Association of University Teachers (MAUT), which provides a venue in which to talk with colleagues about a wide range of issues related to academic culture.

Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars.

Writing courses

Workshops on topics such as responding to journal reviewers and overcoming writer's block

Peer writing groups

Writing-focused events such as a thesis writing retreat

Student Health Service (to keep up your physical health, also see McGill Athletics)

Counselling Services

Psychiatric Services

Campus Life and Engagement

International Student Services

First Peoples' House

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

Office for Students with Disabilities

Scholarships and Student Aid

Tutorial Service