Recognize Students on their CCR

Who can recognize students on the CCR?

McGill staff, professors, or student leaders who organize eligible co-curricular involvement opportunities

How do we recognize students on the CCR?

  1. Check if your opportunity meets the eligibility guidelines.
  2. Tell us about your opportunity by sending us a completed request form:
  3. After the opportunity is finished, submit your attendance list.
    • Lists must contain either student ID numbers or email addresses.
    • For volunteers, email attendance directly to myinvolvement [at] (subject: Volunteers%20List%20for%20CCR) .
    • For workshops, email us or upload it into the event page in myInvolvement.
    • Please read the Data Security statement below to make sure you securely store and transfer student information.

Can students submit their own experiences to be recognized on the CCR?

Students may record unverrified experiences on their student-generated CCRs. This is a great way to keep track of their participation in opportunities that are not currently CCR-eligible. To submit an self-reported experience:

  1. Sign in to myInvolvement.
  2. Click your first initial (or photo) in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click "Experiences".
  4. Click "Add Experience".
  5. Click "Student Self-Reported Experiences (NOT VERIFIED BY MCGILL UNIVERSITY)".
  6. Fill out the form and press "Submit".
  7. Experiences are normally approved within two business days.

Participation in recognized CCR experiences is submitted to us directly by McGill staff/faculty who oversee these opportunities or by student leaders (association or club executives).

Data Security and Student Information

McGill University takes student privacy and data security seriously. Attendance and volunteer lists are considered confidential student information that should be stored and transferred in accordance with McGill policies.

  • Uploading attendance into an Event page in myInvolvement is a secure manner of storing and transferring student data. myInvolvement has been screened by McGill IT and meets the McGill Cloud Data Directive and other federal, provincial, and university privacy and security policies.
  • You should only use a McGill email address to send attendance or volunteer lists. Do not send us any student information using a personal, non-McGill email address (such as Gmail).
  • Do not store any student information in Google Drive.

Please read the McGill Cloud Data Directive to learn where and how student data may be stored and transferred.