Graduate Studies

Program-Specific Graduate Information:

MA in Islamic Studies
MA in Islamic Studies – Gender and Women’s Studies Concentration

PhD in Islamic Studies
PhD in Islamic Studies – Gender and Women’s Studies Concentration

Internal Awards

For a list of departmental prizes and awards, please see the Graduate Fellowships and Awards Calendar at this link:

General Information about Graduate Studies:

1. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS)

  • The Supervision website offers over 40 pages of research-based practical advice and guidance on the supervisory relationship so that common problems in supervision can be avoided and degrees can be completed without needless delays.


  • The SKILLSETS website invites graduate students to participate in an award-winning suite of over 200 workshops on professional development and extra-curricular skills, including teaching competence, research management, and life skills.
  • GPS Policies and Resources

2. Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS)

3. Faculty of Arts

4. Cost of Attendance

5. Student Accounts