Phishing emails continue to circulate beyond the date initially published. Never click on any suspicious links.

To report a suspicious email, send it as an attachment to phishing [at] (subject: Suspicious%20email, body: Please%20investigate%20the%20attached%20email%20as%20a%20possible%20phishing%20scam.)

Phishing scam: Server Notification for Mcgill Alert

Published: 8Apr2019

A phishing email is targeting the McGill community, advising that your email account will be terminated.  View a screenshot of the message to the left....

Multiple phishing emails: Various subject lines

Published: 29Mar2019

Presently, there are multiple phishing emails targeting the McGill community. The title of the email can change, but the contents look the same and contain a link to open a message. View a...

Phishing scam: "We noticed a login .. from an unrecognized location."

Published: 18Mar2019

We have recently received reports of a phishing scam that appears to come from IT Support, with the title "IT Services". The body of the email says "We noticed a login to your University Email...

IT security alert: "ATTN: You received a shared document"

Published: 19Dec2018

A security threat -- possibly a Trojan virus -- was found in an email sent to McGill recipients. The subject of the email is "ATTN: You received a shared document", and the link was to AGREEMENT...