Welcome to the McGill Language & Multilingualism Laboratory!


Meet our Team

Gender Summit 11 North America

We had a great time representing the lab at the Gender Summit 11 North America in Montreal, QC, this November! This year's theme: “Pluralism, Ethnicity & Inclusion – Canadian Values in a Global Context”.


Exploring our Linguistic Landscape

Our preliminary work using eye tracking to investigate what bilinguals notice about linguistic landscape images just appeared in the special issue of "Linguistic Landscapes".


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European Conference on Eye Movements

We had a great time at ECEM at Bergische Universität Wuppertal in Germany this past September! Our graduate students Mehrgol Tiv and Naomi Vingron had great presentations, and Dr. Debra Titone presented a keynote lecture on 'Eye Movement Studies of Reading in Special Populations'.


In the News

The Wonder of Words

How do bilinguals juggle the different languages they know? Read about our work in this feature from McGill Daily.

Eye movements reveal reading impairments in schizophrenia

Our work on reading impairments in schizophrenia patients was featured in Science Daily.

Bilingual Cognitive Advantage

Psychology Today referenced our keynote paper on the bilingual cognitive advantage.

Language: Lost in translation

Nature Outlook covered our work on language in schizophrenia


Our work on brain mechanisms responsible for misinterpreting signals featured in McGill Newsroom.

Our research on bilingualism, executive control and aging appears in McGill Newsroom.