Computerized Exams

ExamSoft has assured us the newest MacOS Mojave (10.14) is supported.

Si vous avez des questions ou avez besoin de prendre rendez-vous avec un membre de l’équipe de support informatique, n’hésitez pas à [at] (communiquer avec le SAÉ)

The Faculty offers students the opportunity to type exam responses on their laptop using exam software licensed by McGill. L’utilisation des logiciels pour rédiger les examens est facultative: les étudiant.e.s de la Faculté de droit peuvent les rédiger à la main.

Sit-down laptop exams with Examplify

Examplify is an exam software that blocks all other programs on your computer while it is running. You type into it as you would type into any standard word processor. It is the computing equivalent of an exam book.

Exam questionnaires and answer books will be provided in hard copy in the exam room. Furthermore, material required for open book exams must be brought into the exam room as hard copy only. If you intend to use your laptop during a sit-down examination to write your exam, you are required to use the Examplify software from ExamSoft. Under no circumstances can you use your laptop without the software.

Mock exams

Before an examination period begins, all students should perform a mock test to ensure that the software will work.

Check Examplify's Minimum System Requirements.

Read also Examplify's Best Practices Guide for Students and Starting and Uploading Your Mock Exam.

Ready? Download Examplify.

Exam guides

Sit-down exams (updated Nov 19, 2018)

PDF icon Examplify Instructions Fall 2018

PDF icon Guide des examens informatises Examplify automne 2018

Take-home exams

PDF icon Take-Home Exam Student Instructions Fall 2018

PDF icon Instructions-Exam maison automne 2018

November-December 2018 Examplify Workshops 

Book a workshop session via our Doodle to attend. Bring your laptop!

Des sessions de soutien technique ont été prévues afin de pouvoir vous assister avec l'installation et l'utilisation d'Examplify.

Elles auront lieu: SAÉ NCDH 433. Réservez votre place pour l'une des dates suivantes; 

  • Vendredi, 23 nov. 13:00-14:30 
  • Lundi, 26 nov, 13:00-14:30
  • Mercredi, 28 nov, 13:00-14:30 
  • Vendredi 30 nov, 13:00-14:30
  • Lundi, 3 déc, 13:00-14:30 
  • Mercredi, 5 déc, 13:00-14:30 
  • Jeudi, 6 déc 10:00-12:30  et 14:30-15:30 
  • Vendredi, 7 déc 13:00-14:30 

General instructions for sit-down exams

Students will find all exam schedules available for download on the SAO's Current Courses page.

La personne responsable de la surveillance de l’examen prendra en note l’heure officielle du début et de la fin de l’examen.

You MUST IMMEDIATELY STOP WRITING/TYPING when the invigilator announces the end of the examination. Invigilators are instructed to report the names of students who continue to write/type to the SAO. This is a serious offence and will not be tolerated.

Randomized seating

You must present your McGill ID card to the invigilator prior to entering the exam room; the invigilator will give you a random seat number.

The seat number will correspond to the desk where you MUST write your examination. You are not permitted to exchange the seat card with a peer. Your McGill ID card and seat card must remain on the desk throughout the examination. Once you have completed your exam, return the seat card to the invigilator with your completed examination.

Attendance sheet

Attendance will be taken within the first 15-20 minutes of the exam starting. You will be required to provide your printed name, signature, and seat number on the attendance sheet.

Upon completion of the exam, you are also required to sign out on the attendance sheet by printing your initials, the number of exam booklets submitted or whether you used a laptop.

If using a laptop, you are not permitted to leave the exam room until you have successfully uploaded your exam answer (a green congratulations message indicates your exam was uploaded successfully). Any problems must be reported to the SAO immediately following the exam.

Usage d'appareils électroniques durant un examen

Tout appareil ou objet permettant de récupérer, de stocker ou de communiquer des informations (baladeurs, clés USB, cartes de données, téléphones cellulaires, téléphones intelligents, montres intelligentes ou tout appareil électronique pouvant se connecter au Web, etc.) ne peut être utilisé lors d’une séance d’examen en salle. Vous devez absolument les éteindre et les laisser dans vos sacs ou vos casiers. Ces appareils seront confisqués s'ils sont trouvés par le surveillant d'examen et remis au SAO. Il est interdit d'utiliser un ordinateur portable pour accéder le Web, à des notes de cours, à des résumés ou à toute autre information pendant un examen.

Computerized sit-down exams: Examplify

If you intend to use your laptop to type your exam response during a sit-down examination, you are required to use the Examplify software from ExamSoft. Otherwise, you can write your exam on exam books provided in the examination room.

Under no circumstances can you use your laptop without the software.

  1. Any attempt to circumvent the security features of Examplify or to use unauthorized software constitutes cheating and may result in disciplinary action.
  2. Any attempt to access any form of network connectivity during a sit-down examination constitutes cheating and may result in disciplinary action.
  3. Students are prohibited from attempting to download or cut/copy and paste materials from any external source, including a word processing file, into an in-class examination paper. Students are also prohibited from attempting to download or cut/copy and paste materials from an in-class examination paper to any external source, including a word processing file. In other words, during an in-class examination, students are only permitted to cut/copy and paste within an examination paper, using the examination software.
  4. If a student has elected to use Examplify in an examination, only computer files submitted through the examination software will be accepted.
  5. Spot checks will be made to ensure the integrity of the examination process.

Preparing your laptop to take your exams

Avant le début de la période d'examens de fin de session, installez Examplify sur votre ordinateur prortable. Vous devez vous connectez au site McGill Law ExamSoft.

To log in, you will need your 9-digit McGill ID Number, your assigned password and, if prompted, the Institution ID. The password is your current term-specific Exam Code, prefaced by the word law in lowercase, e.g. if your exam code is GR-AAAA, then your password is lawGRAAAA. The Institution ID is mcgill.

DO NOT USE THE "FORGOT USER ID/PASSWORD MENU" ** ExamSoft does not have McGill Law student email addresses; the email functionality is not enabled for our law school. If you have forgotten your password, contact the SAO.

At least one week before your exam, on the laptop you intend to use, you MUST download and complete the mock exam. You must test the software under “live” conditions in NCDH. This enables you to familiarize yourself with the Examplify exam environment and confirm whether the software functions on your laptop. After successfully completing the Mock Exam, you can download your remaining exams, but you cannot take an exam prior to the specified exam date.

Any difficulties experienced during the Mock Exam must be reported to the [at] (SAO) as soon as possible.

The Examination Agreement is available on ExamSoft; it involves questions designed to confirm that students agree to the terms of the laptop policy. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with your equipment and the Examplify software and instructions provided by ExamSoft on its website prior to the start of your exam. Please allow yourself sufficient time to become familiar with your laptop and the application. Commencement of the exam will not be delayed due to a hardware problem with your laptop.


You will be blocked from accessing any files or applications on your computer, and your internet connection will be disabled while you are taking the exam.

Changing the language settings needs to be done before launching Examplify.

You will have to bring hard copies of permitted materials to the exam room.

To prevent loss of work, Examplify automatically saves, backs-up and encrypts your work for you every 60 seconds.

Computerized take-home exams: ExamSoft

General Information

Take-home examinations are administered through the ExamSoft website. The use of the SofTest software has been phased out. 

Download of Examination Questionnaire

Students will be required to log into the ExamSoft website and download the take-home exam questionnaire (in a pdf format). See detailed instructions below.

Upload of Completed Examination

To submit a completed take-home exam response, students will log back into the website and upload the exam answer file. Students must ensure to select and upload the correct answer file as students will not be able to preview the file and submission is final. Students will not be permitted to submit any additional work or an alternative version. Only the original submission will be forwarded for grading. See detailed instructions below.

Types of Take-Home Examinations

There are two types of take home examinations

  1. Fixed date take-home exam: take-home exam questionnaire is available for download starting at a specific date/ time; the exam answer file must be uploaded by a specific date/time as determined by the examiner and indicated on the examination cover page.
  2. Flexible date take-home exam: unless otherwise specified, the take-home exam questionnaire is available for download from the first day to the last day of an examination period. The student decides when s/he will download the exam questionnaire within the examination period. Each examination has a designated duration (e.g. 6 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours etc.) as set by the examiner. Timing (“count down” clock) begins as soon as the examination questionnaire is downloaded. Students must upload their examination answer file within the exam’s designated duration as specified on the examination cover page. 

Comment identifier votre fichier d'examen

Utilisez la page de présentation que vous fournit le Secrétariat des études pour votre examen maison (voir "Cover Page")

Vous devez vous identifier uniquement au moyen de votre code d'examen de cette session (dans le nom du fichier et sur la page titre). Ne fournissez aucune information nominative, par exemple votre nom ou votre numéro d'étudiant. Lorsque vous sauvez votre document, prenez soin d'inclure votre code d'examen et le nom du cours dans le titre du fichier (exemple: "ABCD_nom du cours_automne2017.docx").

Important instructions

  1. Take-home exams must be completed within the term's examination period.
  2. The take-home examination period ends at 17:00 EST on the last scheduled exam day. Take-home examinations submitted late (outside of the exam designated duration or examination period) will be subject to late penalties. Exam durations and deadlines are rigorously enforced; instructors are notified of unapproved late submissions and grade penalties are applied.
  3. Take-home examinations must be completed once the exam questionnaire has been downloaded.
  4. Students must complete the take-home exam as per the exam’s designated duration (e.g. 6 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours etc) or designated due date and time, as indicated on the examination cover page. Be sure to check your exam's duration. If you are unsure, ask your professor or lecture to clarify this in class. Students are encouraged to read McGill's policy on Plagiarism and Cheating.
  5. Students may submit at any time of the day or night, any day of the week, including weekends, as long as is within the designated duration of the examination as specified on the examination cover page. Support is available at the SAO during regular business hours only.
  6. Students are required to complete the mock take home exam at least 48 hours prior to the actual examination in order to familiarize themselves with the take home download and upload procedure, and allow time to address any unforeseen issues. It is strongly suggested students complete the mock during SAO office hours in case you need technical support.
  7. Take-home examinations are to be individual exercises. The confidentiality of questions and answers must be maintained unless specific instructions are provided on the exam regarding student collaboration. Consultez le guide de McGill sur le plagiat.
  8. Students should contact the SAO, not instructors, if experiencing issues with ExamSoft, or have questions regarding the exam questionnaire. Students will bear any consequences with failing to follow the above instructions.
  9. Students found in violation of the above may be subject to disciplinary measures.

To download a take-home exam questionnaire

  1. Go to
  2. At the Exam Takers log-in section, enter your 9-digit McGill ID and your assigned password (example: lawABAB)
  3. Click Login
  4. Click the Courses tab
  5. Click on the specific course name under the COURSE column
  6. Click the ACTION button for ‘Download Instructions/Assignment”
  7. Click the DOWNLOAD button. Timing (“count down”) will now begin.
  8. Save the exam questionnaire file on your computer at a location where it can be easily accessed.
  9. Make sure to log out of ExamSoft: the session will time out and you may encounter problems uploading your exam later.
  10. Use a word processing application to write your exam answers. Save the file often. See Comment identifier votre fichier d'examen above on how to name your file without nominal information.
  11. Make sure to differentiate your exam answer's file name from the exam questionnaire's file name.

To upload a take-home exam answer file

  1. go to
  2. at the Exam Takers log in section, enter your 9-digit McGill ID and your assigned password (example: lawABAB)
  3. Click Login
  4. Click the Courses tab
  5. Click on the specific course name under the COURSE column
  6. Click the ACTION button for “Upload Assignment”
  7. Click the BROWSE button to locate the completed exam response file; select it (be sure to select the correct file as you can only upload ONCE)
  8. Click the UPLOAD button. A window will open indicating you have successfully uploaded (includes the file name and course name).

Things to Note:

The date and time the exam response is due can be found under the UPLOAD DUE DATE column. Students must upload their examination answer file within the exam’s designated duration as specified on the examination cover page and within the examination period. The examination period ends at 5pm on the last scheduled exam day.

The ExamSoft email function is disabled for McGill. Students can view submission history, download and upload dates as well as upload file name, by clicking the courses tab and the specific assessment.


Should I do a Mock Test?

Yes. At least one week before your exam, on the laptop you intend to use, you MUST download and complete the mock exam. We recommend that you do a mock test each term before exams begin, inside New Chancellor Day Hall. 

What if I have a problem with my laptop or the software during the exam?

You must immediately advise the invigilator. You will receive an Exam Booklet to complete the examination by hand (students will not be allowed to use MS Word or any other processing software). After the exam, you must go directly to the SAO with your laptop! No extra time will be given if you attempt to reboot. If any student is found in violation of these instructions, they may be subject to disciplinary actions.

Which exam code do I use for my Midterm exams?

Midterm exam codes are a 4-digit NUMERIC code (example: 1234) that you obtain via Minerva. Please consult the section on Exam Codes for instructions.

Which exam code do I use for my December exams?

December exam codes are a 4-letter ALPHABETIC code (example ABCD) that you obtain via Minerva. Please consult the section on Exam Codes for instructions.

What is my ExamSoft Login and password?

Your ExamSoft Login is your 9 digit McGill Student ID Number and your assigned password is your exam code prefaced by the case sensitive word “law", eg. for undergraduate students: if your final exam code is ABAB then your password is lawABAB. For graduate students: if your exam code is GR-WXYZ, then your password is lawGRWXYZ.

Are loaner laptops available?

Loaner laptops are not available for midterm examinations.

Un nombre limité d'ordinateurs portables sont disponibles sur la base du premier arrivé, premier servi. Nous ne pouvons malheureusement pas garantir la disponibilité d’un portable. Ce service est disponible par le biais du ICS-Walk-in Support/AV Centre, situé au 688, Sherbrooke Ouest, local 285. On doit effectuer une demande au moins deux jours avant la date de l’examen et on peut garder le portable pour un maximum de deux jours. Il faut télécharger le logiciel et le tester au préalable. Les personnes empruntant un portable devront aussi s’assurer de créer une copie de sauvegarde de leur examen sur une clé USB.

Students experiencing technical difficulties with the software are to contact the [at] (Student Affairs Office) for an appointment.

What are the laptop requirements?

Your laptop must meet the following minimum specifications:

  • Recent model
  • virus-free
  • sufficient space on the hard-drive
  • Wi-Fi enabled connection

See Examplify's Minimum System Requirements