Law Alumni Awards

Law Alumni Awards are the most prestigious honours given out by the Faculty of Law at McGill. Every year, these are conferred upon graduates who have earned special recognition for their professional achievements, continued participation in Faculty life, and commitment to justice.

F.R. Scott Award for Distinguished Service

Francis Reginald Scott The F.R. Scott Award for Distinguished Service was created by McGill University's Faculty of Law and its Advisory Board in 2004 to recognize those alumni who have made a significant contribution to law and to the life of the Faculty, and provided exceptional service and leadership to society. The award is named in honour of Francis Reginald Scott, Canadian poet, intellectual, constitutional expert and Dean of the Faculty of Law from 1961 to 1964.

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James Robb Award

James Robb The James Robb Award celebrates those who nobly give of their time and efforts to support the Faculty of Law in the pursuit of its academic endeavours. Created by the Faculty of Law's Advisory Board, it is named in honour of James Robb, B.A. 1951, B.C.L. 1954, who, as a former McGill Governor and former president of the Alumni Association, is one of McGill's most well-known volunteers.

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Charles D. Gonthier Outstanding Young Alumni Award

Created by the Young Alumni Advisory Board of the Faculty of Law in 2008, the Charles D. Gonthier Outstanding Young Alumni Award recognizes the contribution of an alum who has graduated within the past decade, and set an example for aspiring jurists through professional achievement, community service or commitment to the Faculty of Law. The award is named after the Honourable Charles Doherty Gonthier, CC, BCL’51, LLD’90 (1928-2009), who generously supported and mentored young jurists throughout his career.

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F.R. Scott Award recipients

Stephen Halperin
January 2018: Stephen Halperin

Norman Steinberg
May 2017: Norman Steinberg

April 2013: The Honourable Marie Deschamps

David Johnston
September 2012: David Johnston

March 2011: David P. O'Brien
March 2011: David P. O'Brien

James K-Hugessen
November 2009: The Honorable James K-Hugessen

April 2008: The Honorable John Gomery
April 2008: The Honorable John Gomery

Pierrette Rayle
April 2008: The Honorable Madam Justice Pierrette Rayle

William Tetley
June 2007: Professor William Tetley

Frank Iacobucci
November 2006: The Honorable Mr. Justice Frank Iacobucci

March 2006: The Honorable Mr. Justice Morris J. Fish

Irwin Cotler
January 2005: The Honourable Irwin Cotler

James A. Robb Award recipients

Mary Stikeman
May 2017: Mary Stikeman

Stuart Cobbett
February 2014: Stuart ‘Kip’ Cobbett

Juin 2012: Marc Barbeau

Juin 2012: Tina Hobday

Claudette Allard
June 2010: Claudette Allard

Kenneth Atlas
June 2010: Kenneth Atlas

Robert Raizenne
June 2010: Robert Raizenne

James A. Woods
June 2010: James A. Woods

James Grant
June 2009: James Grant

Brian Pel
April 2009: Brian Pel

Marie Giguère
June 2008: Marie Giguère

Charles D. Gonthier Outstanding Young Alumni Award recipients

Anthony Morgan
January 2018: Anthony Morgan

Tanya de Mello
May 2017: Tanya de Mello

September 2008: Dominique Lapierre