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Life Sciences Complex

McGill celebrates new era of life sciences research in Canada

Life Sciences Complex will foster collaboration, generate next wave of biomedical breakthroughs, thanks to public-private partnership

Boasting a long history of collaboration between its teachers and researchers, McGill University is now taking its deeply rooted research culture a giant step further with the opening of a multimillion-dollar McGill University Life Sciences Complex. This landmark facility, the largest construction project in McGill's history, will encourage even greater interdisciplinary research by bringing some of the world's key scientific talent under one roof, speed up the process of translating discoveries into treatments and cures, and in the process strengthen Montreal's position as a leading hub of biomedical research in Canada and the world.


The Goodman family: committed to cancer research
Morris and Rosalind Goodman are no strangers to philanthropy. Their generosity embraces a wide range of causes close to both their hearts. Their latest donation to rename the McGill Cancer Centre as the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Centre is just as meaningful for the couple, who have a longstanding relationship with McGill. More info>>

Francesco Bellini: scientist, entrepreneur, visionary
On a tour of the Life Sciences Complex just prior to the completion of major construction this past April, Dr. Francesco Bellini was asked what he thought about one of the finished but as yet unoccupied labs in the building bearing his name. Dr. Bellini smiled but gazed wistfully at the empty room. "I think it's beautiful," he said. More info>>

Special thanks

The McGill University Life Sciences Research Complex was made possible with the generosity and significant support of many donors. More info>>

Principal investigators

Developmental biology

This field has the power to uncover fundamentally new biological processes and to revolutionize drug discovery by identifying new categories of molecules essential for healthy life. More info>>

Cancer research

Bringing world-renowned scientists under the same roof for the first time, the Cancer Research Building will allow investigators to examine the interactions between genes and proteins. More info>>

Chemical biology

An exciting, emerging field focused on the design or identification and the exploitation of novel small molecules as tools to investigate questions in biology. More info>>

Cell information systems

Yet another developing field created by revolutionary breakthroughs in the study of genomics, Cell Information Systems researchers investigate the ways cells pass information from one to another, as in DNA or protein messenger molecules. More info>>

Complex traits

This innovative area will help determine how multiple genes interact to cause disease, and what role environmental factors play in this development.
More info>>