Life Sciences Complex

Patient at heart, Science in hand

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The Life Sciences Complex brings together world-class researchers and resources to translate biomedical discoveries into urgently needed diagnostics, treatments and cures.



Developmental Biology


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This field has the power to uncover fundamentally new biological processes and to revolutionize drug discovery by identifying new categories of molecules essential for healthy life.


Cancer Research


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Investigators at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre examine interactions between genes and proteins, contributing to innovative developments in the treatment and cure for cancer.



Chemical Biology


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An exciting emerging field focused on the design or identification and the exploitation of novel small molecules as tools to investigate questions in biology.


Cell Information Systems


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Another developing field created by revolutionary breakthroughs in the study of genomics, Cell Information Systems investigates the ways cells pass information from one to another.


Complex Traits


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This innovative area of research will help determine how multiple genes interact to cause disease, and what role environmental factors play in this development.


Welcome to the Life Sciences Complex, interconnecting students and professors from the Faculties of Medicine and Science. The Life Sciences Complex is located within four buildings on the McGill campus in downtown Montreal: the Bellini Building, McIntyre Building, Stewart Building and the Cancer Research Building.

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Facilities Spotlight: The Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF) providing hands-on training and expert advice in light microscopy.

The Life Sciences Complex was inaugurated in September 2008,  and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.