General information and assistance is available daily for each of our services at Macdonald campus (listed below).

See our Service Calendar for a detailed schedule of service availability

Get to know each of our 11 service units available on the downtown campus

CaPS banner

Career Planning Service

MAC Tel. (514) 398-7582   susan.smith [at] 

Coordinator available 5 days/week, Advisor available 2 days/week (see Service Calendar)

Counselling Services banner

Counselling Services

MAC Tel. (514) 398-7992   stuserv.macdonald [at]

Psychotherapist available 4 days per week (M/T/TH/F).

ISS banner

International Student Services

MAC Tel. (514) 398-7992   stuserv.macdonald [at]

Immigration Advisor available bi-weekly (see Service Calendar).

OSD banner

Office for Students with Disabilities

MAC Tel. (514) 398-7992   stuserv.macdonald [at]

Access Advisor available (schedule varies, see Service Calendar).

Student Health Services banner

Student Health Service

MAC Tel. (514) 398-7992 stuserv.macdonald [at]

Mac Clinic 4 days/week: M/W/Th/F (see Mac Health Clinic).

Scholarships and Student Aid banner

Scholarships and Student Aid

MAC Tel. (514) 398-7992 stuserv.macdonald [at]

Financial Aid Counsellor one day per week (see Service Calendar).