McGill University Basic Math and Sciences Equivalence Table

McGill University Basic Math and Sciences Equivalence Table

Note:  This site is currently in transition.  Accordingly, as of  October 26, 2015, no new course equivalency data is being entered on this site.  We invite you to visit our new Course Equivalency System to search for existing course equivalencies or to submit a request for a new equivalency.

McGill may grant credit and/or exemption for certain math and science courses (admissions prerequisites) completed at another university, depending on the content of the course, the grade earned and the policy of the McGill faculty.  Normally, to transfer credits to McGill, the grade earned in the host university course(s) must be equal to or higher than the grade/CGPA required to graduate from the host university (normally equivalent to grade 'C').  Courses completed with satisfactory/unsatisfactory or pass/fail are not eligible.

Check the alphabetically sorted tables on the left side of this page for math and science courses from other universities which have previously been assessed.

In order to assess math and science courses which are not listed, detailed information is required for the designated McGill evaluator.  If a course was evaluated over 5 years ago, the information may be out of date, and may need to be re-evaluated.

These tables are updated frequently and may be revised without prior notice.

FOR APPLICANTS who are required to upload math and/or science course descriptions to their application. 

Detailed information is necessary to determine if you have math and science prerequisites for admission.  Using the “List of requirements” below, upload complete information to your application via your Minerva account under the required item “Math/Science Crse Description” or “Description of Math Courses” as appropriate.

List of requirements


FOR NEWLY ADMITTED STUDENTS who are required to upload math and/or science course descriptions to their application.

Until September 30th each year, the Admissions Unit of Enrolment Services calculates and assigns advanced standing credit for basic math and sciences.  You will be assessed for advanced standing credit only after you accept the offer of admission, pay the confirmation deposit, and after official final results are received directly from your former university.

After September 30th, advanced standing credit and/or exemption will normally be handled by the Student Affairs Office of your Faculty or School.

If you have been asked to upload either “Math/Science Crse Description” or “Description of Math Courses” to your application; use the “List of requirements” below.


List of requirements


Info required                                Details
Number of hours                             

One term or two term course?

Total number of hours (or hours/week plus number of weeks).

List of Topics                       Include the number of hours spent on each topic
Grading system Complete breakdown of course grade (mid-terms, final, oral, labs, tutorials, assignments...) with percentage weight for each.

 TUTORIAL (if any)

Info required                                Details
Mandatory or optional Total number of mandatory hours                                                                                                              

 LABORATORY (if any)

Info required                                   Details
Number of hours Total number of hours in lab

List of experiments

(preferably with a short description)

Are these "hands-on" lab experiments, demonstrations, exercises, or problem solving sessions? Include number of hours in laboratory for each experiment

Performed singly, in pairs or groups of what number?

Lab grade Breakdown of Lab grade in terms of: technique, reports (how many), practical lab exam, quizzes.


FOR ASSESSMENT OF OTHER COURSES for newly admitted students

Most other courses (those not covered in the previous section) are evaluated for exemption and/or credit by your Faculty Student Affairs Office or your department (after you accept the offer of admission, pay the confirmation deposit, and after official final results are received directly from your former university).  The following information is required:

  • Student copy of transcript confirming completion of the course (usually with a grade of ‘C’ or better, or the equivalent),
  • The course outline and course syllabus (for advanced math and science courses, provide the same information as in the “List of requirements” above),
  • Faculty course approval form (available on your faculty website or from your Student Affairs Office).

Bring the documentation indicated to your departmental advisor or other designated staff member for evaluation.

This table is maintained by the Degree Evaluation unit in Enrolment Services. 


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