Council 2018/2019

The MAUT|APBM Council consists of the seven elected executive officers, plus the following elected Council members.

Name Department Phone Fax Email
Thomas Duchaine Medicine (Biochemistry and GCRC) 8649 6769 thomas.duchaine [at]
Susan Gaskin Engineering 6865 7361 susan.gaskin [at]
Laura Gonnerman School of Communications Sciences 3878 8123 laura.gonnerman [at]
Kohur GowriSankaran (Retired Members) Mathematics & Statistics, Emeritus 3841 3899 kohur.gowrisankaran [at]
Sandra T. Hyde Anthropology 4292   sandra.hyde [at]
Steven Jordan Education 094920 4519 steven.jordan [at]
Lisa Munter Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2159 2045 lisa.munter [at]
Caroline Riches DISE 4527 x00539 4529 caroline.riches [at]
Eran Shor Sociology 5664   eran.shor [at]
Renée Sieber Geography/Environment  4941 7437 renee.sieber [at]
Natalie Waters - Librarians' Section Libraries 1204   natalie.waters [at]
Katherine Zien English 9343   katherine.zien [at]