Academic Records from Institutions of Higher-Learning (e.g., transcripts)

Academic records from every post-secondary institution (including exchange or study-abroad sessions) are required as part of the supporting documents of your application.  Unofficial copies can be uploaded via your Minerva account (see below).  Official copies need only to be sent if requested.  The list of institutions that appear on your checklist are populated by the name of institutions in your application (step 1).  Be sure to indicate all institutions attended.

Uploading your own (unofficial) transcripts

Once an application has been received (i.e., step 1 has been completed), you can upload a copy of each of your transcripts via your Minerva account.  Please note the exceptions below.  These transcripts are considered unofficial but will be used for the preliminary review of your application.  For more information consult the Guidelines regarding uploading unofficial transcripts at Uploading your documents.

Transcripts from international medical graduate (IMG) applicants

International medical graduates applying to the MDCM for IMG program are required to upload their supporting documents via Minerva.  IMG applicants must give permission to have their MCCEE test scores released to the Office of Admissions via the Medical Council of Canada's web portal. 

FAQ ► What is a Medical Student Performance Report? The Medical Student Performance Evaluation or Medical School Performance Report (MSPE or MSPR, sometimes also known as a Dean's Letter of evaluation) evaluates a medical student’s performance during his or her academic career relative to his or her peers. This report should not act as a predictor of your future performance but provide information about your academic performance. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) offers A Guide to the Preparation of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation to learn more about this document. This report must be written on medical school letterhead with the medical school seal affixed, and signed by the designated medical school official and must include your full name.

IMPORTANT NOTE ► McGill University reserves the right to require official academic records at any time during the admissions process, and rescind any offer of admission made if discrepancies between unofficial and official records(s) are found.

If you require assistance to upload your documents, consult the Frequently asked questions for document upload procedures.


Transcripts from McGill University

Transcripts of studies at McGill University (post-1972) are automatically uploaded into your application's supporting document checklist item using your McGill ID number.

Transcripts from other Quebec (CRÉPUQ-Member) institutions

Transcripts of studies at other universities in Quebec (i.e. member of the CRÉPUQ) are transmitted electronically between institutions (no physical copies are required).  Consult with the registrar's office of the institution for details.  Note that this process usually takes 5 to 10 business days.  Transcripts received in this manner are considered official. 

Transcripts from CEGEP

Transcripts of studies at any Quebec CEGEP are automatically uploaded into your application's supporting document checklist item using your Quebec Ministry of Education Permanent Code ("Perm Code").  Note that this process usually takes 2-3 business days.  Transcripts received in this manner are considered official.