The myPath network comprises of the following tools:


myPath Journal Set


The myPath IDP Workbooks: Designed to be used annually, these 3 workbooks will walk you through a comprehensive collection of self-assessment and reflection exercises designed to help you identify your skills, interests, and values, so that you can create a meaningful Individual Development Plan based on your vision and priorities for the upcoming year.

    The myPath Planner: A semi-guided companion to the myPath workbook, the myPath planners are structured to encourage you to set your goals each semester, to identify specific projects that you want to work on monthly and to plan your weekly tasks.

    Learn more about the workbooks and planners here:


    myPath Web App: Coming soon!

    A digitized version of the myPath workbook inspired by direct feedback from McGill PhD students. Using interactive modules, the myPath web app helps you to consider your skills, interests, and values, to elicit feedback from your peers, and to reflect on your experiences. The myPath app includes a dedicated module for the creation of your Individual Development Plan with custom features such as email reminders, links to upcoming workshops and programs, and reports that can be used to track your progress and share with others. Flexible and customized. Features include:

    • Online self reflection exercises
    • Automatic goal suggestions based on self assessment
    • Integrated with McGill events calendar
    • Interactive graphs and reports to track progress

    Note: We recommend that you use a laptop or a desktop to do the myPath exercises. Because the application was not designed as a mobile app to be used on your phone, it will not display correctly or function properly.