Open Science Principles

Open Science at the Neuro is based on five guiding principles: 

1. Share scientific data and resources

The Neuro researchers will share all positive and negative numerical data, models used, data sources, reagents, algorithms, software and other scientific resources publicly available no later than the publication date of the first article that relies on this data or resource.

2. Open external research partnerships

All data and scientific resources generated through research partnerships – whether with commercial, philanthropic, or public sectors – are to be released on the same basis as set out in Principle 1.

3. Share research participants' contributions and protect their rights

The Neuro's Open Science Clinical, Biologic, Imaging and Genetic Repository (C-BIG Repository) will maximize the long-term value of contributions made by research participants and the scientific resources created by The Neuro researchers and their collaborators. In the conduct of the C-BIG Repository, The Neuro recognizes the primacy of safeguarding the dignity and privacy of patient-participants, and respecting the rights and duties owed them through the informed consent process.

4. Do not file patents

Subject to patient confidentiality and informed consent given, neither The Neuro nor its researchers in their capacity as employees or consultants of the McGill-Neuro unit will obtain patent protection or assert data protection rights in respect of any of their research.

5. Respect academic autonomy

The Neuro supports the autonomy of its stakeholders, including but not limited to researchers, staff, trainees and patients, through recognizing their right to decline to participate in research and associated activities under an Open Science framework. However, The Neuro will not support activities that compromise the previously outlined OS principles.


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