Experts: COVID-19

Published: 6Aug2020

The coronavirus is acting as an accelerant to misinformation. Concerns from experts about its consequences are accelerating just as fast. As the World Health Organization said in February, COVID-19...

Birthday Celebration for Dr. Gilles Bertrand and Dr. Hanna Pappius


Vous êtes invités à célébrer les anniversaires de... / You're invited to to celebrate the birthdays of... Gilles Bertrand & Hanna Pappius événement virtuel / Virtual event/neuroCategory: MNI

Nature and nurture of cortical gradients: from evolutionary patterns to functional plasticity.


Abstract: The topology of the cerebral cortex has been proposed to be an important prerequisite for human cognition./neuroCategory: MNI

Some dinosaurs could fly before they were birds

Published: 11Aug2020

New research using the most comprehensive study of feathered dinosaurs and early birds has revised the evolutionary relationships of dinosaurs at the origin of birds.

New report finding racism at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights was shocking — but predictable | The Conversation

Published: 12Aug2020

August 10, 2020 | The Canadian Museum for Human Rights has joined the ranks of other Canadian cultural institutions that are facing accusations of discrimination and harassment. Pervasive and...

Unlocking how cellular proteins control cancer spread

Published: 12Aug2020

A new insight into cell signals that control cancer growth and migration could help in the search for effective anti-cancer drugs. A McGill-led study reveals key biochemical processes that advance...

Virtual Scientific Communication Contest


The Brain Tumor Research Seminar Series is proud to announce our virtual Science Communication contest!/neuroCategory: Medicine Research Faculty of Medicine MNI

Algorithm 'gatekeepers' undermine democracy and health | Montreal Gazette

Published: 10Aug2020

August 6, 2020 | Social media and other digital platforms have begun to overtake traditional journalism as our primary sources of information. The communications difficulties surrounding the COVID...

Expert: Tariffs on Canadian aluminium

Published: 7Aug2020

The Canadian government will impose retaliatory measures valued at $3.6-billion on the United States in response to new American tariffs on Canadian aluminum announced by President Donald Trump...


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