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Bugs In Our Guts
While it has long been known that low dose antibiotics cause weight gain in animals, the mechanism by which they do this has been a mystery. Researchers are now beginning to zero in on the effect and their work may even shed light on the human obesity epidemic
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No Sympathy for the "Powder of Sympathy"

Four hundred years ago Belgian physician Johann Baptist Van Helmont was persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church for promoting the use of the "Powder of Sympathy", a concoction that was supposed to treat wounds by applying it to a bloody dressing that had previously covered the wound.

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You Asked: Can coffee really explode in the microwave?

Explode is probably too strong a term, but spurting and frothing is a real possibility.

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Did You Know: 7 Up was originally an antidepressant

And where does the 7 come from?

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Cracked Science

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Dr. Joe's Weekly Video

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You Asked...

What is ghee and is it healthier than butter?



Did You Know...

Margarine was invented to win a contest held by Napoleon III?



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