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Book Review: Living in the Chemical Age

31 May 2018

I once attended a presentation on the wonders of raw food and sous-vide cooking at a spa resort. What was fascinating was seeing the gradual reaction of my fellow attendees as the presenter piled...

Book Review: Pandora's Lab

4 Oct 2017

An idiot is dumber than an imbecile, who is dumber than a moron. The word “moron” was first derived from the Greek in 1910 to identify individuals with an IQ score between 51 and 70. It may sound...

Review: "A User’s Guide to Cheating Death"

14 Sep 2017

While Tim Caulfield is a fantastic author, you can’t read one of his books and see him perform “Sexy Cat with a Twist”. That’s where the television series A User’s Guide to Cheating Death comes to...