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The Trottier Public Science Symposium

The Trottier Public Science Symposium is one of McGill University’s premier annual events.  The Symposium features talks by renowned experts on topics of current public interest and attracts a large audience as well as extensive media attention.  Past Symposia have focused on topics such as alternative medicine, pseudoscience, food and nutrition, genetic modification and vaccines.

For symposium photos, please visit the Trottier Symposium albums on our FB page.


Minding The Future

How will technology change how we live in the world? What role will technology play in our lives from now on?

The Body-Mind Connection

When it comes to health, there is more to consider than just the body. The mind, too, plays a significant role.


Science and the Media

The challenge of reporting in this “Age of Anxiety” and how journalists do so in a responsible fashion.

A Question of Evidence

In the Information Age, how do we arrive at a reasonable conclusion about controversial matters?

Are We Alone?

Our speakers fascinate us with research that is out of this world.



Is That A Fact?

Presenters explore diverse areas of science to answer the question, “Is that a fact?”



A Serving of Science

Our four speakers will present their views on food and the science behind it.

Alternative Medicine

If sufficient proof is mustered, “alternative” transforms into “conventional.”

Pseudoscience: A Call to Action

Four world-famous science communicators discuss various aspects of pseudoscience.