Plurilingual Lab is a research laboratory located at McGill University's Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE) in the Faculty of Education.

We are currently accepting graduate students (MA and PhD) interested in one or more of the research areas below:

  • plurilingualism, multilingualism and bilingualism
  • plurilingual and pluricultural competence (PPC)
  • mixed methods, classroom-based research, ethnography and action research
  • cognition and emotion in second language learning
  • translanguaging, cross-linguistic and cross-cultural comparisons, translingualism
  • social justice among minoritized student populations (immigrants, newcomers, international students, speakers of non-official languages, populations in situation of refuge)
  • drama/theatre in second language learning
  • multiliteracies in second language learning
  • innovative second language curriculum, teaching and learning
  • pronunciation teaching to multilingual students
  • teacher education

If you are interested in conducting graduate research in any of the areas above, send an email to plurilinguallab [at] gmail.com or to the professor directly linked to your interests:

Dr. Susan Ballinger (susan.ballinger [at] mcgill.ca)

Dr. Angelica Galante (angelica.galante [at] mcgill.ca)

Dr. Mela Sarkar (mela.sarkar [at] mcgill.ca)

In your message, you may want to include a brief description of your academic background, area of interest, future research goals, and the professor with whom you would like to work.