Parents & Third Parties

Service Point assists parents of students and applicants with enquiries pertaining to fee status, billing and the admissions process. We also assist third-parties with enquires pertaining to student records.


Guest accessGuest Access

Learn how students can grant individuals access to view their student account & e-bills. A must if you are planning to call on behalf of the student with questions about their fees.


Degree verificationDegree Verification

Verify academic credentials with Aura Data. Alternatively, students can provide an official copy of their transcript or a proof of enrolment letter.



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In accordance with the Quebec’s An Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information which protects the confidentiality of personal information and generally declares confidential the records, documents and information concerning staff and students, McGill University is required to obtain consent from current and former students in respect to requests for the release of student information.