Teaching and Learning Spaces Working Group (TLSWG)

The Teaching and Learning Spaces Working Group (TLSWG) strives to enhance teaching and learning at McGill by developing and implementing a vision for teaching and learning spaces that is aligned with University strategic directions. Its mandate is to:

  1. Develop and maintain research-based Principles for designing teaching and learning spaces.
  2. Apply principles and standards to try to ensure that the design of teaching and learning spaces is consistent with the Working Group's vision.
  3. Identify teaching and learning space needs at the University: set priorities for the creation of new spaces; set priorities for renovating existing spaces.
  4. Recommend priorities for funding the creation, upgrade and maintenance of teaching and learning spaces and the equipment within them, based on established criteria and procedures. Whenever possible, drawing on partner funding should be considered.

For further information about this project, please contact erin.mcdonagh [at] mcgill.ca (subject: TLSWG%20) (Erin McDonagh), Teaching and Learning Planner.

McGill University is located on land which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst Indigenous peoples, including the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations. McGill honours, recognizes and respects these nations as the traditional stewards of the lands and waters on which we meet today.