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About the Hub

What Is the Student Wellness Hub? 

The Student Wellness Hub is a renovated space, with increased staff, clinicians and medical professionals, for any and all health and wellness needs that you may have. It is now open and is located on the third, fourth and fifth floors of the Brown Building.

It has consolidated and expanded Health Services, Counselling and Psychiatric Services, so you won’t have to restart if or when you go between units. You also won't have to guess which service is right for you.

The Wellness Hub’s four main components are:  

  1. The Hub Reception Area and professionals' offices: for appointments with a doctor, nurse, dietitian, counsellor, psychiatrist or Access Advisor
  2. The Hub Commons: for relaxation before an appointment, with monitors that display a number showing which student is currently being served at reception  
  3. The Hub Healthy Living Annex: for health promotion, outreach, and services like the Shag Shop and other Healthy McGill programs  
  4. The Local Wellness Advisors: the spokes of the hub-and-spoke model, they work in strategic locations around the university and connect students to Hub services and offer programming adapted to the local reality. There will be 12 in place by Fall 2019.

We've also hired two new full-time mental health professionals: Access Advisors offer short, same-day consultations with students who aren’t entirely sure what care they need. This is so you don't have to self-select the kind of support you're looking for. 

It’s all part of the Collaborative Care model McGill has adopted to better respond to students’ health and wellness needs.

What's Collaborative Care? 

Since 2015, McGill has doubled the number of health professionals, but demand has risen to meet them.  

That’s where McGill’s Collaborative Care approach comes in. It’s based on a model that’s been endorsed by a long list of Canadian and American psychological and psychiatric associations, plus other organizations and governments worldwide. 

Schematic of collaborative care model

Collaborative Care means that our healthcare professionals work with you and explore various services to find the best kind of care for your needs. That could mean using one or multiple treatment options, both traditional and holistic. The focus is on awareness, prevention, and early intervention.

At its core, Collaborative Care is about creating a flexible, holistic model of care informed by mental health research. Students coming through the Hub will be connected to the most effective resources to improve their well-being, whether that be therapy, off-campus resources, peer support and more.

It also aims to empower students to be in control of their own wellness. Resources on the Virtual Hub, at the Healthy Living Annex and beyond give you the tools to get you thinking about and caring for your own well-being, and the well-being of the people around you.