Reimbursement amounts & procedures

Reimbursement amounts (subsidies)

In general, each project may be subsidized for about 250 hours per semester.

Regular subsidy

Our regular funding will subsidize $5.00 of the student's hourly wage.

AUS subsidy

Additional funding has been made available as a result of a referendum of the Arts Undergraduate Society to create career-related Work Study positions in the Faculty of Arts.

This funding allows the Work Study program to subsidize selected research positions in the Faculty of Arts that are filled by Arts undergraduate students. The subsidy is valued at $10.00 of the student's hourly wage.

SUS subsidy

Additional funding has been made available as a result of a referendum of the Science Undergraduate Society to create career-related Work Study positions the Faculty of Science.

This funding allows the Work Study program to subsidize selected research positions in the Faculty of Science that are filled by Science undergraduate students. The subsidy is valued at $10.00 of the student's hourly wage.

Funding sources

The wage subsidies are received from the following funding sources managed by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office:

  • University Budget
  • Ministère de l’Éducation
  • Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) who contribute to the Arts Students Employment Fund
  • Science Undergraduate Students (SUS) who contribute to the McGill Science 21st Century Career Centre Fund
  • McGill Alumni Association (Alma Mater Fund)

Payroll procedures

Placing the student on payroll

Once you have hired a Work Study student, you need to place them on McGill payroll. Contact your payroll/service representative to find out how to do this and what other documents are required.

Tracking hours worked

You are responsible for keeping track of students’ work hours on a weekly and cumulative basis to ensure that your total allocated hours for your project are not exceeded.

You must submit bi-weekly work hours (timesheets) to the person who is responsible for submitting casual payroll requisitions. It is not acceptable to prepay students for hours not yet worked or to pay students in lump sums.

Paying the student

The following procedures must be followed:

  • Ensure the student is paid every two weeks at an approved hourly rate that is in accordance with the current Collective Agreement.
  • Use POPS version 6.5 for both Non-Academic and Academic payroll requisitions:
    1. In the payments screen, choose "Work Study" in the Government Program drop-down menu
    2. Enter your 5-digit (no spaces or characters) "Work Study Project Number" in the Ref. field.

POPS 6.5 is the current method for processing payroll requisitions of Work Study students. Appointment forms will not be accepted.

Receiving the reimbursement

Subsidies are reimbursed to departments using the payroll records of Work Study students.

Reimbursement process

The reimbursement process depends on:

  • bi-weekly payment of student wages
  • Work Study students being clearly identified on payroll reports

Reimbursements are processed on a regular basis—funds will be transferred by journal entry to the FOAPAL from which the student's wages are paid. You will be notified each time a reimbursement is credited to your FOAPAL. Discrepancies should be reported immediately to the Scholarships and Student Aid Office by [at] (emailing the Work Study team).

See Ensuring reimbursements are processed (immediately below) for information on processing and correcting payroll records for Work Study students.

Deadline for reimbursements

No reimbursements will be made after:

  • January 31 for fall projects
  • May 31 for winter projects
  • September 30 for summer projects

Ensuring reimbursements are processed

Below is an image of PYAPOPS. This form can be used to verify all requests that have been submitted by the payroll person.

Modifications can be made to Gov Prg and/or Gov Prg ID only if the WS Status at the bottom of the screen does not show RP (Reimbursement Processed) or A value in Hrs App PLUS a WS Status of ZP (Zero Hours Remaining on Project - for given term).

Banner Screenshot

Keeping track of students' dates and hours

It is important to keep track of the pay period dates. The Work Study dates may differ from payroll dates.

The pay period must fit within and accurately reflect both:

  • the project's and student's approved dates as indicated on the employer's letter of approval for the Work Study Project
  • the student's approved work period found on the accepted/refused student list.

Job end dates:

  • ALL Fall jobs must end by December 30, 2017
  • ALL Winter jobs must end by April 28, 2018
  • ALL Summer jobs must end by September 1, 2018

You won't be reimbursed if the student's pay period exceeds the approved end date in a given term.

You may need to divide the student's pay into two requests to complete the process. (See example below under Approved hours for a Work Study project.)

Approved hours for a Work Study project

Each project is approved for a given number of hours per term. It is important to track these hours as the reimbursement can only be made if the exact number of hours can be applied.


If a project is approved for 225 hours in the Fall term and the student has worked 18 hours per week, by the 12th week the total hours worked by the student will be 216. In the next pay period, if the payroll request is for more than 9 hours (225 approved hours—216 already worked), the reimbursement cannot be processed.

You must submit one payroll record for 9 hours with the Work Study indicators and a separate payroll request for the balance of hours worked by the student without any Work Study indicators.

Making changes in PYAPOPS

To make modifications in PYAPOPS, please:

  1. Press F7 or click on the icon to execute a query
  2. Type 'T' in Status box
  3. Tab to the McGill Id box and enter the McGill ID number for the student you want to verify or make changes

Provided the WS Status does not show 'RP', (Reimbursement Processed) OR A value in Hrs App PLUS a WS Status of ZP (Zero Hours Reimaining on Project - for given term) you can:

  • add or remove 'W' to the Gov Prg (it must have a 'W' for you to enter a Project ID number in the next field)
  • correct/add the Work Study project ID number in Gov Prg ID (enter in a 5 digit number—no symbols or text)

You can remove a record from the reimbursement process by deleting the data in both Gov Prg ID and the Gov Prg.

List of Work Study status codes in PYAPOPS

Status code Explanation
CP WS Project # has been cancelled—no reimbursements can be made
DP WS Project # pay date—either from or to are outside the approved period—per session
DS Student's pay date—either from or to are outside the approved period—per session
EP WS Project # had ended—max WS hours have been reimbursed
ES This is triggered by the Student Aid Office—it will be applied to payroll records that have been submitted in error
IF The FOAPAL is no longer active—derived from FTMFUND—Fund validation
IP WS Project # is not currently active for reimbursements
IS Student # is not on approved list for WS
MA Work Study Authorization was submitted for a different session—i.e. student matched for fall session but continues to work in winter
NA No Work Study job assignment form has been sent to our office matching student to job
NP WS Project # not valid
NS Student # not found in Banner SIS and Work Study
RP All hours from the payroll record have been used for reimbursement
SI Combination of student's approved dates & project's approved date—the pay period straddles between 2 sessions
ZP WS Project # has been reimbursed for the number of hours approved—May also contain Hours in the Hrs App field