Jobs in Research

Obtaining hands-on research experience is imperative to many students to help determine if research is the appropriate career path for them.

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Student Work Programs

If you are looking for student work or internship programs, consult the following websites.

Student Research Initiative (SRI)
This McGill student group help undergraduate students secure research positions with faculty members.  They also organize networking events to connect researchers and students. For more info: Upcoming events. For research funding: SRI awards

McGill Global Health Funding Opportunities
Opportunities for undergraduate students to conduct global health research under the mentorship of a faculty member and receive a stipend of up to $5,000. Deadline: February

Research Opportunities Database
This database provides listing of Research Assistant possibilities, includes information on supervisor, discipline, job functions and position time-frame. Students should use this list as a way to network with professors on possible research opportunities and confirm position availability and details with individual supervisors.

For more opportunities:

I am:

Health Network / Research Centres

If you are looking to gain some experience in health service or working in labs, consider volunteering or visiting the following health departments/clinics or research centers for opportunities.

Research Centres

Health Network

Life Sciences / Sciences

Job Search Websites

The following sites list health-related and research opportunities.

Science Alternatives

Looking for alternative careers? consult the following website for career options:

Alternative Career: Patent Agent

Alternative Career: Science & Medical Writing