Nancy Locke

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A proud autodidact and accidental academic, Nancy Locke has pursued a career path informed by a passion for language and culture combined with insatiable curiosity. Of course, Kismet played a role. In 1995, in Los Angeles, she joined the nascent localization industry as an independent contractor, providing multilingual DTP services to Berlitz GlobalNet. Intrigued by the new, tech-driven language industries, she began to research then write about the subject. In 2002, newly arrived in Montreal, her published articles led to a job offer as the head of a new-fangled, too cutting-edgy and, ultimately, ephemeral localization certificate program at Université de Montréal. Although the program folded, Nancy kept teaching and writing and, now that she lived in a city where French-language skills were worth something, translating. In July 2019, Nancy joined the in-house translation team at Fasken, a top-tier Canadian law firm.