Organizational Behaviour

The power of being authentic at work

Published: 12Apr2019

In a recent WorkLife podcast by Adam Grant, he delves into the power of authenticity in the workplace as a means for happier, more productive workers. Along the way, he grounds his discussion in...

The problem with assumed meritocracies in engineering

Published: 4Apr2019

According to a study co-authored by Professor Brian Rubineau, female engineers find consistent evidence that their profession is not an objective meritocracy, but embrace the belief that it is –...

Organizational Behaviour Symposium


We are honoured to welcome speakers from five companies from various types of industries, that will each talk about their company’s organizational culture for 30 minutes.

First Labour Relations Conference


Featuring conversations between industry leaders about the experiences that shaped their organizations, this First Labour relations conference host by McGill Desautels Faculty of Management combine...

Research Proposal Presentation: Sumeet Duggal


Mr. Sumeet Duggal, a doctoral student at McGill University in the area of Organizational Behavior will be presenting his research proposal entitled:

Professor Hewlin joins leadership conference

Published: 7Feb2019

Professor Patricia Hewlin has been invited to share her research on authenticity in the workplace at the upcoming Empathetic Leadership conference organized by WXN in Montreal.

At home and at work: Is racial segregation becoming more pervasive?

Published: 20Feb2019

Citing recent research co-authored by Professor John-Paul Ferguson, Vox explores how racial segregation in American workplaces has gotten worse over the last generation, suggesting that the shadows...

A little authenticity goes a long way

Published: 12Feb2019

Watch as Professor Patricia Hewlin explores the dimensions of authenticity in life and work with McGill’s New York alumnae chapter on February 9, 2019....