Profiles List

Juan Camilo Serpa

Taweewan Sidthidet

Brian E Smith

Research areas: Risk Management

Hongping Tan

Research areas: Capital Markets, Data Analytics, Disclosure, Earnings Management, Emerging Markets, Firms' Disclosure Activities, Information Environment, International Finance

Omar Toulan

Research areas: Corporate Strategy, Global Account Management / Inter-firm Relations, Impact of Market Reforms on Firm Strategy / Scope, International Management

Desmond Tsang

Research areas: Geographic Strategy

Emmanuelle Vaast

Research areas: Social Media

Demetrios Vakratsas

Research areas: Healthcare Collaboration, Risk Management, Technology & Innovation
Vedat Verter

Vedat Verter

Gregory Vit

Brian Wenzel

Chantal Westgate

Morty Yalovsky

Research areas: Data Analytics, Forecasting Methods and Regression Modelling, Risk Management, Statistical Methodology

Nathan Yang

Peter Younkin

Research areas: Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory, Technology & Innovation