Profiles List

Shoeb Hosain

Shoeb Hosain

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Operations Management

Alfred Jaeger

Title: Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour; Academic Director MBA & PMBA
Research areas: Comparative Management Across Cultural Boundaries, Cross-cultural/Multicultural Management, Leadership & Governance, Management in Developing Countries, Methods for Organizational Change, Organizational Structures & Strategy

Myung-Soo Jo

Title: Associate Professor, Marketing
Research areas: Cross-cultural Consumer Behaviors, International Marketing

Jan J Jorgensen

Title: Associate Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Management in Developing Countries, Organizational Responses to Globalization, Risk Management

Arvind Karunakaran

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization

Warut Khern-am-nuai

Title: Assistant Professor, Information Systems
Research areas: Management of Information Security, Platform for Online Marketplaces, Predictive Analytics

Claire Heeryung Kim

Title: Assistant Professor, Marketing
Research areas: Consumer Creativity, Emotions, Identity, Prosocial Behavior

Jiro Kondo

Title: Assistant Professor of Finance
Research areas: Contract Economics, Corporate Finance, Economics of Regulation, Law & Economics

Beste Kucukyazici

Title: Assistant Professor, Operations Management
Research areas: Health Care, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management

Liette Lapointe

Title: Associate Professor, Information Systems; Vice-Dean, Programs
Research areas: Health Management, Healthcare Collaboration, IT in Healthcare, Leadership & Governance, Risk Management, Social Innovation, Sustainable Development, Technology & Innovation

Dongyoung Lee

Title: Assistant Professor, Accounting
Research areas: Capital Markets, Corporate Activities, Corporate Social Responsibility, Disclosure, International Business
Kenneth Lester

Kenneth Lester

Title: Faculty Lecturer (Professional), Finance

Philippe Levy

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer & Executive Seminar Leader

Shanling Li

Title: Professor, Operations Management; Area Coordinator for Operations Management
Research areas: Corporate Social Responsibility, Health Management, Healthcare Collaboration, Helping Quebec Business, International Collaboration, Leadership & Governance, Risk Management, Social Innovation, Sustainable Development, Technology & Innovation

Elliot Lifson

Title: International Advisory Board; Professor of Practice, Strategy & Organization

Michelle Y. Lu

Title: Assistant Professor, Marketing
Research areas: Advertising, Consumer Education

Yu Ma

Title: Associate Professor of Marketing and Bensadoun Scholar
Research areas: Big Data, Data Analytics, Food Marketing, Retailing, Retail Marketing

Robert Mackalski

Title: Assistant Professor (Teaching), Marketing; Director, McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship
Research areas: Branding

Sujata Madan

Title: Director of MBA Strategic Initiatives; Senior Faculty Lecturer, Finance

Steve Maguire

Title: Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Corporate Social Entrepreneur, Corporate Social Responsibility, Integrated Management, Leadership & Governance, Risk Management, Social Enterprise, Social Entrepreneur, Social Innovation, Sustainability Collaboration, Sustainable Development, Technology & Innovation

Saku Mantere

Title: Associate Professor of Strategy & Organization; Director, Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management
Research areas: Health Management, Integrated Management, Organization Identity, Organizational Theory, Strategic Management, Strategy Process

Anthony C Masi

Title: Professor of Industrial Relations and Organizational Behaviour
Research areas: Comparative Labour & Industrial Policies, Demography & Population Studies, Labour Force & Labour Market, Labour-Management Relations
Don Melville

Don Melville

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Strategy & Organization

Henry Mintzberg

Title: John Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies (Strategy & Organization); Faculty Director (International Masters for Health Leadership)
Research areas: Managing the Myths of Healthcare, Public, Private & Social Organizations in a Balanced Society

Karl Moore

Title: Associate Professor, (prof), Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Global Leadership