New students

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To begin, welcome to McGill and ECP! Beginning a graduate program can bring a lot of questions, from the big stuff like 'how do I register for my courses?' and 'where do I find a place to live?' to the little things like 'what building do I get my ID card at?' and 'what are the library's hours?' These questions can multiply rapidly if you didn't do your undergraduate degree at McGill or are from out of the city, province, or country, so we would like to try our best to get you started with some answers.


Resources & services

First off, we would recommend visiting Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' (GPS) Welcome to Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies site for a comprehensive list of resources for new students.


Is this your first year at McGill or first year as a grad student? If so, be sure to check out the services and resources offered by the McGill First Year Office.



If you have not done so already, be sure to check out our ECP Current Students pages. The pages are full of handy resources for both new & current ECP students.



Next, we suggest making the time to attend Post Graduate Student Society's (PGSS) Orientation Session. It is held at Thomson House, which is conveniently located about a dozen steps down the hill from the Education Building.

As well, a number of programs have their own orientation sessions which will address the more intricate details of studying in the Department. Here you will have the opportunity to meet faculty and staff members and learn more about supervision, your curriculum, and other opportunities afforded to you in your program. Once scheduled, make sure to mark these dates in your calendar as they are not to be missed!