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The Unseen Impact of Space Research

7 Apr 2020

Within the last decade, successful missions to asteroids, rover landings on Mars, and the emergence of companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic have captured the imagination of the public. But...

Rising Stars

2 Mar 2020

Before Montreal became a global AI hot spot, the Faculty has been contributing to the field through the Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM), and researchers like Professor Warren Gross and Arash...

Construction Ecology: An Authentic Path to Sustainability

30 Jan 2020

According to Prof.Kiel Moe, the Gerald Sheff Chair in Architecture, Quebec can become a model for a sustainable society by taking a closer look at two of its key resources—wood and water.

Some plastic with your tea?

4 Oct 2019

Researchers from the Chemical Engineering Department discovered plastic teabags release billions of nanoparticles into brewed tea. Find out more about the study in this McGill Reporter article.     

AI by the students, for the students

23 Apr 2019

The end of every academic year brings around many recurring activities. Exams are one such example, and final project presentations are another classic year-end hoop for students to jump through....

From paper robots to miniature wind tunnels, annual engineering emporium showcases student creativity

23 Apr 2019

If ever, on a cold spring afternoon, you should find yourself quietly despairing for the future of humankind, make a point of visiting the Faculty of Engineering Design Day. The annual event which...

Student entrepreneurs learn life and business lessons

31 Jan 2019

In business, as in life, the Golden Rule applies. This was the central message of alumnus and entrepreneur Rory Altman (BEng ’92), who spoke at the 6th Annual John Thompson Entrepreneurial...

Engineering students share their passion for STEM

24 Jan 2019

As society becomes increasingly integrated with technology, the need to educate students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) becomes ever more paramount. However, Canada lags...

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