For more information about NSERC USRA, including a summary of eligibility criteria and student deadlines, see information for NSERC USRA applicants.

Important eligibiltiy note:

Students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree must have been registered in a Bachelor’s degree at an eligible university in at least one of the 2 terms immediately previous to the award to be eligible to hold a USRA. For the purposes of this document, the terms of an academic year are: Summer: May to August, Fall: September to December, and Winter: January to April.


Departments should verify their deadlines and administrative requirements with their faculties.

Deadline for faculties to submit nominations and payment information to GPS: ** NEW   April 8, 2019 

Required forms for Faculties and Departments

Application Materials:

  • Checklist provided by applicant

Awarding and Payment Materials: