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Obtaining Signatures & Supporting Documents


If you are preparing an application to an external funding agency that requires the signature of:

  • “Dean or Director of Graduate Studies”;

  • “University Financial Officer”; or

  • “Authorized University Official”,

please follow the instructions below before seeking one of the above signatures.

  1. Pay close attention to the application to be sure to seek out the correct signature

  2. Obtain all other required signatures before requesting one of the above signatures

When you are ready to seek signatures of the “Dean or Director of Graduate Studies”, a “University Financial Officer”, or an “Authorized University Official”:

  • bring a full copy of the application form to the locations referenced below.​

​To obtain a signature from a “University Financial Officer”, please contact Financial Services at 514-398-3885 to ensure an officer is available to receive/sign relevant documents.

To obtain a signature from the Dean or Director of Graduate Studies/ Authorized University Official, please scan and send the form to graduatefunding.gps [at] .  Please allow 5 business days to complete your request.

Supporting Documents

Applicants should request supporting documents as early as possible. For international transcripts, the services of an international courier may be required in order to meet deadlines, and should be paid for by the applicant. 

The services of a Commissioner for Oaths are available at Service Point-Enrolment Services in order to certify documents required in funding applications.