Getting Paid & Maintaining Fellowship

Accepting, Activating and Maintaining your Fellowship

Ensure that you have received, and read, the instructions in the notice of your award letter and any communications from Graduate Funding. Review your relevant Award Holder's Guide, as you are responsible for adhering to the policies  of your award.  Find more instructions below.

Every student receiving an award/fellowship must submit their Direct Deposit information via the Student Accounts Menu on Minerva (in sections "payroll-related" and "student-related"). If you are unable to enter your banking information, please contact: Student Accounts. Incomplete banking or address information will result in delayed payments.

** Note there have been changes made to the Tri-Agency Research Training Award Holder's Guide. Please review it.

Receiving Funds

Activation Required Documents and Forms

It is important that GPS receives all required forms and documents at least 5 weeks prior to start of award to avoid delays in payment.

  • Fund Opening/Renewal Approval Form for External Fellowships and Awards (except NSERC or SSHRC graduate awards).
    • Awards including  a Research Allowance: During each award year, if your research involves human or animal subjects, you MUST include applicable VALID Ethics and/or Compliance Certificates. 
    • You must RENEW your award every year at least 30 days before the start date anniversary of your award to avoid delays in payment. (except NSERC or SSHRC awards)
  • McGill payment request form - Tri-Council Graduate Award Payment Request (NSERC, SSHRC or CIHR graduate Master's and PhD awards)
  • Tri-Council Master's (CGS M) Activation of Award - Form A (Master's awards)
  • Tri-Council Doctoral Activation of Award - Request for First Instalment or Reinstatement of Award Paid by Canadian Institution  (linked from the award holder's guide) *note that GPS-Graduate Funding signs as the "Authourized Institutional Official"
  • Copy of proof of Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency
  • Doctoral NSERC & SSHRC & Master's CGSM - Include copy of the Agency's Notice of Award
  • Doctoral CIHR - Include copy of the Agency's Authorization For Funding (sent out following CIHR receipt of Confirmation of Commencement Form)
  • If you need to defer the start date of your award later than an available start date: Request for Deferment of Start Date or Interruption of Award form

Award Holder's Guides

Leave Policies and Form

Annual Progress Tracking Reports & reporting changes to your award/research project /program of study Reports

According to the Agency Award Holder’s Guide, GPS Graduate Funding must confirm your ongoing eligibility each year. To do so we require that you submit a copy of your GPS Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Form, complete it with required signatures, and return it at least eight weeks prior to the anniversary of your award start date.

Failure to submit a progress report will result in award payments being suspended until a satisfactory progress report is received. Once completed and signed, please submit by email to graduatefunding.gps [at]


Holders of a Tri-Agency award must report any changes in student status such as move from full-time to part-time study as well as change in research project, program of study etc. Submit the Changes to Award Form to graduatefunding.gps [at] 

Termination of Award