Degree Evaluation

What is degree evaluation?  

  • An online tool in Minerva to help you compare the student’s academic record against the program requirements.
  • It provides a central record of approved adjustments to a student’s program of study.
  • Is available to academic and administrative staff – not available to graduate students

Visit the following links for more information on Degree Evaluation or how it can be used by advisors.

When would you use degree evaluation?

  • Advising students about program requirements.
  • Conducting pre-graduation reviews of student records.
  • Viewing student adjustments.

How to access Degree Evaluation

  1. Log in to Minerva website.
  2. Log in with your McGill ID and PIN.
  3. Select "Student Records Menu."
  4. Select “Graduation Menu.”
  5. Select "Degree Evaluation."
  6. Type in “Student ID.”
  7. Click on Radio Button (the program)  term will automatically populate.
  8. Click on  "Generate Request."
  9. Select Detail Requirements (you can also  select general but we recommend the detail requirements). 

General view:  Displays an overview of the program requirements including completed courses and courses in progress to fulfill each major, minor, or other program area; and any unused courses.

Detailed view:  Provides additional detail of the program requirements including required and complementary courses.  It also includes completed courses and courses in progress to fulfill each specific requirement; and any unused courses. 

Please follow this link for additional information on how to read the report.

If you would like to compile a degree audit report for numerous students within a specific cohort, you can use the batch report feature.