Working with Postdocs

In this section, faculty and staff will find the information required to work with postdoctoral fellows and research trainees.  Departments should be aware of the different classifications of postdoctoral researchers as well as the eligibility requirements for each designation and the division of responsibilities between researcher, supervisor and unit.  For a comprehensive overview of postdoctoral guidelines and procedures, visit the postdoctoral researchers section.

Supervisors of postdoctoral researchers should be aware of the guiding principles and best practices pertinent to advising postdoctoral researchers. Supervisors must work with their unit and the postdoctoral researcher to draft the terms of the postdoctoral appointment through the letter of offer/agreement.  Once all parties approve the letter of agreement, a letter of appointment outlining the terms of agreement must be provided to Postdoctoral Affairs.

Postdoctoral funding

Adequate financial support is a requirement for postdoctoral registration and must be assured by the department/research unit through the payment of stipends. This payment is the sole responsibility of the department/research unit; it should be noted that these payments are taxable according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Postdoctoral researchers are also eligible for numerous funding opportunities through fellowships and awards.


For more information on working with postdoctoral researchers, please contact Postdoctoral Affairs. For department specific questions pertaining to postdoctoral research, please refer to the Postdoctoral contact listing.