IT Security Alerts and Service Status

Many of these phishing emails continue to circulate beyond the date initially published. Continue to be vigilant and do not click on any suspicious links.

To report a suspicious email, send it as an attachment to phishing [at] (subject: Suspicious%20email, body: Please%20investigate%20the%20attached%20email%20as%20a%20possible%20phishing%20scam.)

How to spot a phishing email

Here is an example of a typical phishing email. 

Sample phishing email

It appears to come from "McGill University", but isn't really from McGill.  It contains a link that appears to go to a McGill site, but if you roll over the link, it's not.  There are run-on sentences. See other example emails showing the telltale signs of phishing.

When in doubt, report suspicious emails to the IT Service Desk.

Quick links to help you stay safe: