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Macdonald Campus Graduate Student Orientation

Macdonald Campus Grad Orientation

Welcome to our Newly Admitted Macdonald Graduate Students!

Discover McGill Graduate Orientation 2020

The team at McGill Campus Life and Engagement has organized an amazing virtual orientation for all McGill graduate students, from August 18 to August 27, 2020! Macdonald Campus graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend these activities as they are relevant to all students and will integrate both campuses.

Your graduate student societies, MCGSS and PGSS, will jointly hold several fun and interactive social events; stay tuned for more information!

“Mac” Graduate Orientation

Being part of the Macdonald community is special and so we want to give our students a warm “Mac” welcome. All newly admitted Macdonald grad students will receive an invitation in August, with detailed information on how to join these virtual events:

Macdonald Campus Graduate Orientation Schedule

Friday, Aug 28, 2020

9:30-10:30 AM EDT on Zoom

Registration required - Coming soon!

Graduate Studies Welcome Presentation

Prof. Ian Strachan, Associate Dean, Graduate Education (AES)

Meha Sharma, MCGSS President

The Welcome Presentation covers important information, including where to find guidance and support on your road to success as a graduate student at McGill, in both thesis and non-thesis programs. You will also meet your graduate student society, MCGSS. They will share ways you can connect with the Mac Grad Student Community!

Friday, Aug. 28, 2020

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT via Webinar

Registration required - Coming soon!

Services for Mac Graduate Students

Géneviève Latreille,
Student Services - Macdonald Campus

Learn about the long list of services available to you as a Macdonald and McGill student.

Student Services

Sept 1, 2020


Coping with the Challenges of Grad School

Shannon Walsh,
Local Wellness Advisor, Macdonald Campus

A talk given by our Local Wellness Advisor on how to cope with mental health challenges, such as stress or anxiety that you may encounter as you begin your grad studies, especially during this time of distancing measures. You will learn about the wellness resources available for you at McGill and Macdonald Campus. A very valuable session! Open to returning students as well.

International Student Orientation

Orientation sessions and webinars for international students are being offered by McGill’s International Student Services Office. Please check their website for dates and times.

Departmental Orientation

Your home department/graduate unit will likely organize an Orientation or Welcome meeting tailored to your program, as well. You will receive an invitation to this as well. Feel free to contact your Graduate Program Coordinator to inquire.

Contacting us

While the Macdonald Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (MS2-074) is presently closed due to pandemic measures, remember you can contact your Graduate Program Coordinator directly by e-mail or send us a message with any questions you may have to gradstudies.macdonald [at]



Student Life and Campus News

Students can reach out to the Macdonald Campus Graduate Student Society (MCGSS) to find out the latest at Mac from a student’s perspective. You can also consult the Faculty’s weekly online student newsletter, the MCSS Mouthpiece, for news and events being held here at Macdonald Campus.

Additional Resources for Grad Students

McGill Campus Life and Engagement provides a list of resources available to ensure the success of graduate and postdoctoral students. Mini-courses, seminars, and workshops on how to manage, how to learn and evolve, and how to thrive and excel during your time as a graduate student at McGill. You can also check out tips on how to succeed in grad studies at McGill in the McGill GradLife Blog.

Also available for download are CLE’s Summer 2020 Emails for New Graduate Students, highly relevant and current information to prepare you for coming to McGill. Newly issued emails are added after each sending.

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