Become A Member of MAUT Librarians' Section

As a librarian and member of MAUT, you are invited to join the MAUT Librarians' Section.

MAUT-LS contributes to your quality of life as a librarian:

  • by defending and advancing your interests as a McGill librarian through a dedicated team of your colleagues, the MAUT-LS Executive Committee, and the Professional Issues Committee
  • by adding your voice and your vote to decisions affecting your professional development, your salary, your working conditions and your job security
  • by giving a distinctive voice to librarians within MAUT
  • by direct and timely representations to the Library Administration on issues of concern to you as a McGill librarian
  • through two general assemblies per year, with complimentary lunch
  • through automatic membership in the MAUT-LS listserv with postings of news, minutes, and other information concerning McGill librarianship and related issues of interest to members

MAUT-LS is not a union. Our strength comes from our collaborative efforts to improve working conditions at McGill. For this, we need the voices of many. Please join us!

The annual dues (not including membership in MAUT) are a mere $20 for full members and $10 for associate members, as listed on the application form (please note that these dues also apply to new MAUT members benefiting from the MAUT fee holiday).

For more information on first joining MAUT, please see the MAUT Membership page. The membership application process is currently separate for MAUT and MAUT-LS.