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Public policy for the real world

The School’s flagship teaching program is a one-year Master of Public Policy, combining courses in the theory of public policy with courses covering the complexities of the real-world policymaking process.

MPP Program


The Four Pillars of the Max Bell School of Public Policy

McGill’s Max Bell School of Public Policy will be committed to the research, teaching, public outreach, and practical advocacy of sound public policy, with each of these four dimensions grounded in a solid understanding of the overall policy process, not merely as it is described in theory but as it exists in the real world, with all its imperfections and limitations. 

Practical Policy Teaching

The Max Bell School of Public Policy’s flagship teaching program will be a one-year Masters in Public Policy. The School will also offer a suite of “executive” teaching programs aimed at specific niches within governments, the NGO sector, and the private sector.  Details about the application process and the program are available here

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Applied Policy Research

The School will represent a hub for McGill’s many policy-minded researchers, making linkages with individuals and their research centers. Some connections will be through teaching programs, some through research collaborations, and others through the various events created to engage with the public.

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Effective Policy Outreach

This pillar will involve the communication of complex and contentious policy ideas with the general public, whose support is ultimately required for the implementation of policies. These efforts will recognize that people with different perspectives usually require and benefit from different styles of communication.

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Credible Policy Engagement

This pillar is aimed at bridging the disconnect between existing policymakers and policy-minded academics. More and deeper interaction between the two groups is essential to building such a bridge, with the valuable flow of information and perspectives in both directions.

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December 13, 2018

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Speech by Carolyn Wilkins, Senior Deputy Governor at the Bank of Canada 

The Max Bell School welcomed Ms. Wilkins to shed light on the policy issues surrounding monetary policy frameworks and how they have increased in complexity in a post-crisis world. 

In conversation with Taylor Owen, the newest addition to the Max Bell School 

Taylor Owen sat down with the McGill Reporter to discuss media, technology, public policy and his appointment to the Max Bell School of Public Policy in January 2019. 

An Inside View on the Future of Responsible Journalism in an Age of Hyper-Polarization

The Max Bell School welcomed speakers for a panel discussion which explored the demands and responses of responsible journalism in dealing with the challenges of hyper-polarization.

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