Performance Dialogue

Performance Dialogue is a best practice at McGill and of key importance for organizational effectiveness and engagement of our staff.

Performance Dialogue at McGill encourages dialogue between supervisors and staff throughout the year to ensure clarity around the tasks, potential challenges encountered, developmental needs, recognition, and a sense of contribution. It’s all about the dialogue. 


Introduction to Performance Dialogue at McGill



Templates and Guides

To assist you in the planning, monitoring and assessing phases of the performance dialogue process, we are also providing you templates and an Instruction Guide to help you in completing the form and bring more value to your discussion. Should you be experiencing any difficulties accessing the forms, please save them to your desktop first and then open them, or simply contact Organizational Development via email or by phone at 514-398-2000 for further help.

Instructional Videos

Individual Work Objectives, Behavioural Competencies and the Development Plan are common elements across the Planning, Monitoring and Assessing cycle steps, however the way they are dealt with in each cycle step is unique.





Part 1: Individual Work Objectives


Part 2: Behavioural Competencies


Part 3: Development Plan