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Health and Nutrition

Jamie Oliver Cooks Up an Anal Argument

7 Dec 2017

British chef Jamie Oliver opened up quite a can of worms with his plan to improve the food served in Los Angeles schools.  Actually, worms would probably be an improvement over some of the fatty...

What you need to know about poinsettias and poison

5 Dec 2017

If you have avoided having poinsettias in your home with small children or animals, you’re not alone, but despite the commonly held belief that poinsettias are toxic, they aren’t. This myth seems...

Can your joints really feel changes in the weather?

5 Dec 2017

We all know somebody who believes they can “feel” when the weather is going to change. Maybe it’s your co-worker calling for rain because an old sports injury has started to ache. Or your...

Bacteria On Your Body: Not Just Inactive Hitchhikers

27 Nov 2017

We share our body with bacteria. They live in our mouth, on our skin and mostly in our digestive tract. There are up to a thousand different varieties, and their total number, some 100 trillion, is...

Cranberry Ups and Downs

24 Nov 2017

It used to be that when you mentioned “cranberries,” people thought of turkeys and their taste buds.  Today, they are as likely to think of their bladders because just about everyone has heard...

Battle of the Milks: Are plant-based milks appropriate for children?

16 Nov 2017

A recent CBC article reports on a new joint statement from the Dietitians of Canada and the Canadian Paediatric Society that says plant based milks are “inappropriate alternatives to cow milk in...

Is Carbonated Water Bad for Your Teeth?

13 Nov 2017

It's a well known fact that soda is bad for your health. We've all read the reports and articles detailing how the sugar in pop will rot our teeth, cause obesity, or give us diabetes. So perhaps,...

Skinny Magic is a Fat Scam

9 Nov 2017

Skinny Magic, Skinny Magic Zero Appetite and Skinny Magic Cleanse are herbal weight loss remedies created and sold by The Herb Shop, a subsidiary of Jade Enterprises based out of Florida. Jade...