What is a Hold?

Holds may prevent you from course registration; requesting official McGill transcripts; requesting readmission to the university; receiving your diploma (if you have graduated); and other services.

Typically, holds are added to your record if you owe money to the university, or have not provided McGill with copies of required documents supporting your admission, your immigration status, or other important issues.

Note that "Warnings" are not holds and do not restrict any functions in Minerva, however, these warnings will become Holds if the matter remains unresolved.

How do I get a Hold removed?

  1. Find out what your hold is! You will find details on the hold by viewing your Minerva transcript.
  2. Note the columns "Hold Type", "Reason", and also the "Originator" in order to determine what is required and by whom. If needed, you can refer to the Minerva Help Text for a full description of your hold. The "Holds" column lists the restricted functions; if this column is empty, this refers to a warning and not a hold.
  3. Provide the requested item.
    • For a Hold related to admission conditions or missing admission documents, please arrange for the issuing institution to send the documents to McGill directly as soon as possible.
      Note to graduate students: refer to your admission conditions listed in your official admission letter.
    • For a Hold related to a missing transcript and/or transfer credits from for a study abroad term
      • Arrange for the issuing institution to send the transcript directly to our office as soon as possible (for address, see bottom of page)
      • Complete the Transfer Credit Assessment form in Minerva and contact your faculty advising office
    • For a Hold related to legal documents, please submit electronically.
    • For fee-related Holds, please refer to the making a payment page of the Student Accounts website.
    • For the Academic Integrity Tutorial hold - simply complete the tutorial in Minerva (under Student Menu)

I submitted the items but the Hold is still there. Help!

  • Tuition & Fees:  Please allow 1-3 business days for your payment to be received, and processed, if you paid through online banking from a Canadian account. This happens at 1:30pm each business day, and holds are released at that time.
  • Legal documents: Please allow 5-10 business days for processing and for your hold to be lifted. You will be notified by email if the document submitted does not fulfill the requirement.
  • Admission conditions/missing transcript: The documents may not be received or may not yet be processed - allow for the appropriate mailing time. Inquire about this at Service Point.
  • Academic Integrity Tutorial: Once completed in Minerva, the hold expires automatically and immediately. 


Useful links:

For a complete list of student services and resources at McGill, visit www.mcgill.ca/students/directory.