Graduate students

Graduate funding is handled by the university's academic departments and candidates should inquire about financial support accordingly. Students in research-based programs are typically supported by McGill funding (fellowships and assistantships) as well as external funding (grants and fellowships administered by provincial and federal governments or other agencies). For more information please visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office website.

Canadian and U.S. graduate students without core funding may seek government aid as a primary funding source. International graduate students should visit our International Student Aid section for information on additional aid options.

McGill Financial Aid

The Scholarships & Student Aid Office administers an In-Course Financial Aid Program that provides a modest amount of loans and bursaries for current graduate students in need of supplemental financial assistance. Please note: our Entrance Bursary Program is not available to prospective graduate students as our office does not administer financial aid in this area.


To be considered for the In-Course Financial Aid Program, applicants must:

  • be currently enrolled in a full-time degree program at the University
  • apply for and accept the maximum available government student aid for which they are eligible
  • be in satisfactory academic standing
  • demonstrate financial need

Special, Visiting, Qualifying, Continuing Education, Diploma, and Certificate students are generally not eligible for aid from our office.

Students registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities may be eligible for financial aid while pursuing a reduced course load.

Supporting documentation

Applicants may be asked to provide an Academic Progress & Funding Report from their thesis supervisor.

How to apply

To apply for the In-Course Financial Aid Program, go to Minerva:

  • Select the Financial Aid/Awards tab > Financial Aid Menu > Apply for McGill Financial Aid > Apply for In-Course Financial Aid > Update your financial aid profile > Submit your application.
  • You will be prompted to make an appointment with a Financial Aid Counsellor: Downtown campus call: 514-398-6013; Macdonald Campus call: 514-398-7992

If you are a student with a disability who requires help completing online applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When to apply

Students may apply for In-course Financial Aid anytime during the academic year, as the need arises. Applications are always for the current academic year (September to August) and are available August of each year.

Decision times

An assessment is posted on Minerva, usually within a week’s time of an applicant’s appointment with a Financial Aid Counsellor.

Payment Methods

Payment methods are determined by the Financial Aid Counsellor and are based on the applicant’s financial situation. Accordingly, award payments may be disbursed:

  • to a student’s fee account in one sum or divided up by semester 
  • to the student by direct deposit*
  • as a payment towards a McGill student loan 

*Students must set up Direct Deposit Banking with a Canadian banking institution via Minerva. Please ensure all banking information is entered correctly. McGill Student Accounts will issue an administrative fine for transactions returned to the University due to faulty banking information.

Loan repayments and extensions

Your financial aid assessment may result in the granting of a McGill loan. These loans are interest-free until the due date specified in the loan contract. Once the loan becomes due, it is subject to low-rate interest charges comparable to government student loans. Students who are unable to repay a McGill loan by the due date may request a loan extension (extend the due date and avoid interest charges) provided they continue to meet eligibility requirements.

To apply for a loan extension, go to Minerva:

  • Select the Financial Aid/Awards tab > Financial Aid Menu > Apply for McGill Financial Aid > Apply for McGill Loan Extension > Update your financial aid profile > Submit your application

Loan extensions may be granted without meeting a Financial Aid Counsellor.

Tuition payment deferrals

Often graduate students cannot pay their tuition and fees on time due to funding delays. This is one of a few scenarios in which our office can help by deferring your tuition fee payments without interest or penalty.

Other financial aid services

The Scholarships and Student Aid Office offers the following aid-related services:

Please note: students who would like information on how to opt out of certain fees should consult McGill's Student Accounts website (search engine >"opt out").

PGSS Need-based Bursary Program

With contributions from Post Graduate Student Society members and matching funds from the University, PGSS has created a bursary fund to support graduate students pursuing full-time masters and doctoral studies who demonstrate financial need, with priority given to members who are caring for dependents

Students who submit an application for in-course financial aid are automatically considered for the PGSS Need-based Bursary Program.