During the period in which McGill has committed to offering remote instruction (Summer and Fall 2020), the Scholarships and Student Aid Office is pleased to offer virtual services and support while our physical campus is closed. 

Emergency loans

Emergency loans are currently unavailable since it requires in-person interaction. We have special instructions for all COVID-19 related financial difficulties.

University loans are available to help students experiencing financial emergencies, such as:

  • no money for food
  • inadequate clothing to face cold weather
  • homelessness due to fire or landlord eviction threats
  • lack of funds for urgently-needed medication
  • employment pay cheque delays
  • lost wallet

Steps to follow

If you are in need of an emergency loan for essentials, follow these 2 steps:

  1. Complete an In-Course Financial Aid application on Minerva: Select the Financial Aid/Awards tab > Financial Aid Menu > Apply for McGill Financial Aid > Apply for In-Course Financial Aid > update your financial aid profile and submit your application
  2. Call 514-398-6013 (514-398-7992 for Macdonald Campus students) or come to our Service Counter. (Our in-person service and phone services are unavailable until further notice). We will see you as soon as possible to discuss your request.  Tip: We are best able to respond quickly if you contact us before 3pm.

Other financial aid services

The Scholarships and Student Aid Office also offers these aid-related services:

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