Occupancy Sensors and Fluorescent bulb disposal protocol

Occupancy sensors                      

Throughout the summer of 2018, SHHS Facilities installed Energex passive infrared occupancy sensors in the Carrefour Sherbrooke residence. These sensors, which use infrared rather than movement to detect room occupants, enable energy conservation by reducing the thermostat set points when bedrooms are unoccupied. In this way, the energy consumed by AC units and heaters is lowered when residents are away from their rooms. This energy conservation technology has the potential to save up to 35% of the building’s electricity consumption that is devoted to heating and cooling!


Fluorescent bulb disposal protocol

Fluorescent light bulbs are used widely across McGill campus and contain high quantities of mercury, which is a hazardous substance to human health and the environment. Student Housing and Hospitality Services is among the McGill units that sends burnt out fluorescent light bulbs to McGill Hazardous Waste Management