Residence Staff

Residence Life ManagersTogether with the floor fellows, they provide invaluable guidance and oversee academic and social aspects of life in the residence halls.

The role of the Residence Life Manager is to create and sustain a sense of community in their hall, supervise the hall’s team of Floor Fellows, serve as a general resource person for students and staff in the residence hall, support and interact with the hall councils, and act as a Disciplinary Officer of the University when required.

RLMs oversee a grouping of halls or a single large hall and will live in or near the halls for which they are responsible.

As professionals with experience in the fields of residence life, student affairs and other learning/helping professions, they are responsible for educational programming, training and developing student staff (Floor Fellows), serve as a support and resource for resident students as they adjust to University life, provide administrative and operational support, serve as an early alert system for emotional, academic and mental health issues among students, and provide crisis management.

RLMs play a key role in enhancing student life in residences and often form deep and long-lasting bonds with their staff of Floor Fellows, with their hall councils, and with resident students.

Kayin Queely - RLM for Carrefour Sherbrooke & La Citadelle

Kayin Queeley has worked previously in various student affairs roles, including as a Residence Director and an Academic counselor at the State University of New York in Plattsburgh, NY. He holds a BSc in International Business and an MSc in Leadership from that institution. 

Jim Ghoshdastidar - RLM for Solin Hall

Jim Ghoshdastidar has worked for SHHS for five years, beginning as Hall Coordinator of New Residence Hall and Faculty Mentor in Residence at McConnell before taking the role of Residence Life Manager of Solin Hall two summers ago. Prior to his time at McGill, Jim worked in Residences at both Queen’s and Acadia University. He was instrumental in founding the FRezCa undergraduate science drop-in help centre and the SciCram exam preparatory programs and taught Chem 120 last Winter.

Luke Walker - RLM for New Residence Hall

Luke Walker’s introduction to the Residence Life Community came on August 24th, 2005 – it was on this day that his teary-eyed parents dropped him off at Solin Hall and said goodbye to their special little freshman. Two years later he returned to McGill Residences to work as a Floor Fellow. After completing his Bachelor of Arts, Luke worked for six years at McGill’s Service Point before finally re-joining the Residence Life Community in June 2016 – this time as an RLM. 

Erin Schwabe-Fry - RLM for McConnell and Douglas

Erin lives in Douglas with her husband and their 1-year old daughter. Prior to becoming a part of the Residence Life team, Erin worked with the Stanford and McGill Writing Centres, and on residence staff for many years including as a Floor Fellow at New Residence Hall. Erin studied Education at the University of Toronto, Music at McGill University, and English/ Creative Writing at Stanford University. Erin loves music and playing French horn, dancing, and writing. 

Jon Nordland - RLM for RVC and MORE

Jon has literally done it all; he baited hooks for fishermen growing up, worked as a chef in Banff, lived as a hobo with a commune of hippies, was an Assault Pioneer in the military, and a student of History, English literature, and human rights.  His education has given him a broad scope of knowledge that he finds especially useful for arguing minutia at dinner parties, much to the chagrin of just about everyone else.  In his spare time, Jon likes working with his bees and digging in the garden with his wife and kids.

Gerry Greco - RLM for Molson and Gardner

Gerry Greco is a registered occupational therapist, compassionate listener and advocate for social justice. He received his masters degree in Occupational Therapy at McMaster University and has completed additional training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. Gerry worked as an independent psychotherapist in Hanoi, Vietnam and more recently was working at Family Services Ottawa serving the needs of the LGBTQ2+ community. Mindfulness is an important part of Gerry's personal and professional life and his goal is to help others discover the benefits of living life in the present moment.


Floor Fellows
This is a diverse group of upper-year students who live in the residence halls offering support and guidance to first-year students making the transition to university life.

Floor Fellows  get to know residents on an individual basis and provide support, information, and referrals on a range of topics. They strive to build community for students by planning social activities and making everyone feel at home.

Residence Life Advisors

The Residence Life Advisor designs, develops and implements programs, events and activities to enhance and enrich the experience of living on campus. They provide professional oversight, advice and support to the residence Councils and to the student programming staff (Residence Life Facilitators and Rez Project Coordinators). 

Residence Life FacilitatorsResidence Life Facilitators are live-out upper year student leaders who work individually and as a team to plan welcome activities for new students, support residence student councils, and facilitate year-long activities.

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