Travel Lightly

The new Sustainable Travel and Mobility Guide provides tips and resources for McGillians to reduce their carbon footprint and travel more sustainably. 

McGill Sustainable Events

Lean how to orchestrate events at McGill that are good for people, the planet, and your pocketbook.

Unit-level Sustainability Action Planning

Inviting administrative units, academic departments, and student groups to create Action Plans that are relevant to their own needs and challenges. 

Office of Sustainability

Sustainability Projects Fund

Have an exciting idea for a sustainability-related project at McGill?

Vision 2020 Sustainability Strategy

Vision 2020 branding logo - 5 pebble shapes of various colours

Learn more about McGill's strategy for achieving the highest possible standards of sustainability on our campuses!

Get Involved

Discover how you can engage with sustainability at McGill

We all want a future where both people and the planet can flourish.

And we all know that, to make this future possible, we have to change how we think and how we act. What better place to figure out how to do this than a university?

At McGill University we are working together to build a culture of sustainability. We are building it project by project and decision by decision. The principles of sustainability inform everything we do—from the research questions we ask to the way we buy eggs for our dining halls. Explore this site to learn about McGill’s sustainability initiatives and find out how you can get involved.