Local Wellness Advisors

Did you know that you don’t have to come to the Brown Student Services Building to receive information on and tips for health and wellness? Just ask your Local Wellness Advisor!  

What Are Local Wellness Advisors?

LWAs are trained clinicians who are here to orient and connect you with the appropriate resource for your unique situation. LWAs can familiarize you with the host of other health and wellness supports that are available to you on campus. They can also equip you with tools and resources to take charge of your mental health.

There are now 11 LWAs in place, with the Management LWA forthcoming.

They are also available for one-on-one appointments.

LWA Workshops and Group Programming

LWAs offer wellness programming tailored to your faculty and work with departments on wellness awareness, prevention and early intervention.

Sign up in your faculty or unit and come learn about mental health and well-being, tools to deal with stress and more!



Are you a Medicine student?

The WELL Office provides support and wellness resources to all students in the Faculty of Medicine.