Family Medicine Program Teaching Sites

Family Medicine Units are devoted to creating, preserving and disseminating knowledge and skills specific to the practice of Family Medicine. Their mission is to provide high quality health services and to provide university and community based education for the medical students and residents who are trained to become family physicians according to the principles of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. One of the key principles of a Family Medicine Unit is continuity of care.

Family Medicine Units (FMU)

Herzl Family Medicine Practice

Herzl Family Practice Centre (Montreal)

St Mary's Family Medicine Centre

St Mary's Family Medicine Centre (Montreal)

CLSC Côtes des Neiges (CSSS de la Montagne)

CLSC Côtes des Neiges (Village Santé GMF-U - Montreal)

Family Medicine Unit of Gatineau (CSSS Gatineau)

Family Medicine Unit of Gatineau (CSSS Gatineau)*

 Jardins-Roussillon Family Medicine

CSSS Jardins Roussillon (Chateauguay)*

 CSSS de la Vallée de l'Or

CSSS de la Vallée de l'Or (Val D'Or)*


CLSC Metro (Village Santé GMF-U, Montreal)

 Queen elizabeth Health Complex

Queen Elizabeth Family Medicine Group (Montreal)

CLSC Parc-Extension (Village Santé GMF-U, Montreal)


* Francophone sites