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Covid19 Updates from International Student Services
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Inviting Your Family

Invitation Letter

If you are inviting your family to visit you, you can write them a letter of invitation to accompany their Temporary Resident Visa (i.e. Entry Visa) application.  Please note: Immigration Canada requires the individual issuing the invitation to write the letter; McGill cannot write this letter on your behalf.  

Here is a sample invitation letter for reference.

In addition to the information required by Immigration Canada , you can also include a copy of your Study Permit as well as any other evidence that you are a student at McGill (e.g. copy of student card, proof of enrolment from Minerva).

Inviting your Spouse:

If you are inviting your spouse to stay with you during the duration of your studies, he/she can apply for an Open Work Permit based on your full-time student status and valid Study Permit.

Inviting Dependent Children:

More detailed information about inviting your family - including dependent children and childcare options - can be found here.


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